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60th Edition
Festival Dag in de Branding

Ceci n’est pas une balle
Objects and Portrait Projections

3 musicians - with acoustic timbres from instruments and common objects – create a stream, a landscape made with moments of tension, pulse, meditation and sounds that are intended to vanish without interruptions until the end of the performance. During the path, altered fragments of patterns from every piece compose a line based on John Cage's concept “The silence doesn't exist”. John Cage, the American avantgarde composer, famously stated that music isn’t limited to instruments like the violin or piano, but that any sound – from the squeak of a chair to the rumble of a passing truck – can be part of a composition. As everyday people are surrounded by artificial inventions, the performers try to bring the man in a world where a familiar object is subtracted by its original purpose and nature. All of this is intended to open people's mind and show them that everything, as a job or a daily commission, can be seen in different corners and aspects to understand that there is always a positive side. The stage is filled with an arsenal of everyday objects such as bottles, glasses, flowerpots, high-heeled shoes, coconuts and buckets of water. This idea is the jumping off point for Flow: a programme in which these three young percussionists string together seven compositions to a poetic stream of sounds derived from everyday objects. Music knows no boundaries.

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