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a WASTE of time

As human beings, the biggest heritage we have from the past generations is a very negative one: waste. On the other hand, our heritage as percussionists is the search of sounds and instruments through noises and objects. What happens when we combine these two together? A WASTE of time is a unique show which combines music with theatrical elements through pieces of contemporary and modern composers. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that most of the instruments used during the show, are objects which will be gathered from across the city. Due to the world's chaotic environmental situation it's time to give a clear message in as many ways as possible. In this concert, 3 musicians demonstrate how recycling can effectively help their creative expression in music, carefully adapting each piece to include the objects gathered. The main goal is to show everyone that every object thrown away, can actually be used for a different purpose; raising awarness for the world's pollution problem.


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